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This is how eye surgery with LASIK works in Turkey

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If you want to get rid of your glasses or contact lenses forever, you have the option of vision correction surgery. LASIK (short for laser in situ keratomileusis) has been used to correct ametropia (deviations from normal vision) for over 30 years. With more than 100 million procedures, it is the most frequently performed surgical procedure in the western world. The methods and technologies as well as the experience of the surgeons have developed rapidly, so that the risks could be greatly reduced.

In LASIK laser surgery, the surgeon uses a cutting instrument to prepare the corneal ridge. A mechanical microkeratome (a very small knife) is used for this. An incision is made in the cornea to form a flap – a very thin layer. Then the flap is turned on its side and the underlying tissue is ablated (cut) with a computer-controlled laser to give the cornea a new shape. This corrects the ametropia. After the treatment is completed, the flap is closed and the healing process begins. The flap retracts by itself and does not need to be sewn.


Our Clinic

Depending on your specialty, a different surgeon will work for you. In particular, we work with a renowned clinic in Antalya.

In the clinic and in the observation rooms equipped with modern medical equipment, the first treatments and surveys are carried out by experienced doctors. In addition, examinations in interference rooms and other technically equipped rooms can be carried out without delay. A translator is also at your disposal so that you can communicate without any problems. Get Lasik Turkey organizes your arrival and departure so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. After the operation you can enjoy your vacation in Turkey and relax.


We pick you up from the airport. All our prices are with transfer service within Antalya.


Our team offers translation services in several languages, including English, German and Russian.

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Our mission is to offer excellent service at the best prices. We offer all inclusive rates. All you have to do is decide and leave the rest to us.