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Against presbyopia – lens correction in Turkey

With age, the eye loses the ability to focus at different distances. This ability is also known as the accommodative ability of the eye. A young, healthy eye is able to change the curvature of the lens and thus the refractive properties of the eye. This allows objects at different distances to be seen clearly. This ability decreases with age. Presbyopia affects everyone over the age of 45. It is the most common reason people need glasses. We offer you various solutions for eye laser surgery in Turkey.

Lens correction in Turkey

When you are old you don't need bills

Every healthy person has problems with near vision from the age of forty or forty-five. The classic solution is to wear glasses for near vision. But you might not want to wear glasses to read an incoming text message, work on the computer, or read the newspaper. For these people there is a laser technology. It is a surgical procedure using a laser. This technique has been used for many years.

The treatment is painless, comfortable and the use of the laser only takes a few seconds. After that, you can see clearly without glasses or contact lenses. 100% vision without glasses or lenses. You will be given numbing eye drops before the procedure. A special feature of LASIK eye laser surgery is the extremely short recovery time. Vision is often fully restored within a day and you can resume your daily life.

Turkish specialists for your eyes

Turkish specialists for your eyes

In the case of presbyopia, the LASIK technique is not used for distance vision, but for near vision. It is therefore a proven and very reliable method. If the test shows that the eye is suitable for the LASIK laser, there is no risk. Even after the test, the method is practically painless. Thanks to the LASIK method, anyone who no longer needs to wear glasses, either close up or at a distance, will no longer have to do so for the rest of their lives. The effect of the treatment is not limited to two, three or four years. Eyes that have undergone LASIK treatment can see well both near and far for the rest of their lives. Laser surgery is superior to all other treatments in one important respect: all vision problems can be corrected at once. A patient may have cylindrical ametropia, be nearsighted or farsighted, or suffer from presbyopia. Even if the patient has more than one of these problems, they can all be eliminated in one session. This is the biggest advantage.